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  • AutorenbildMarc Remus

THE FLUFFMUNCHES, a new book in the planning

While working on the map for THE CHOCOLATE CLOUDS my mind wandered off, and I wanted to go back to writing. Finally, I put down the pencil and started a new book.

When my godchild Lena was still a kid I made up a cute little story about creatures living behind the heater and stealing chocolate cookies from people. They were called "Grumpfmümpfe" in German. As the years passed by and Lena grew up, we kept up our tradition of calling each other "Grumpfmümpfe."

However, it was not until a few months ago that I decided to use that idea and turn it into a book. It is the first book I am writing in German first. So it will be a challenge, but I will translate it afterwards into English. Since "Grumpfmumpf" only sounds funny in German, I have decided to call these creatures "Fluffmunches" in English.

I am already in Chapter 7 and moving along. Maybe next year I can finish this book and move directly from illustrating THE CHOCOLATE CLOUDS into creating drawings for THE THE FLUFFMUNCHES.


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