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Book Lovers Box

The Book Lovers Box by Crystal Watanabe contains MIDDLE GRADE FANTASY in September. Starting tomorrow 15 books in this category will be included in the box. MAGORA is featured in this packet. Go to

These are the books that are included in the box:

  1. The Gallery of Wonders by Marc Remus (99c book, FEATURE)

  2. The Vacant Realm by Mike Thayer (paperback giveaway)

  3. Monty and the Monster by Rhonda J. Smiley (paperback giveaway)

  4. Winter Nova Saves the World by E.A. Cattani (pending)

  5. A Spatial Surprise by Symthasree Sarojini Koganti (Goodreads giveaway)

  6. Sunborn Rising by Aaron Safronoff (free book)

  7. The Rise of the Ameedis by R.A. Lindo (BookFunnel freebie)

  8. Blue Sea by Kristin Glasbergen (BookFunnel freebie)

  9. Toonopolis: Gemini by Jeremy Rodden (BookFunnel freebie)

  10. Josh Stone and the Fifth World by S.M. LaDuke (99c book)

  11. The Splendid Secrets of 66 Lilly Pilly Lane by Elena Paige (ARC giveaway)

  12. The Unexpected Adventure by Kandi J. Wyatt (99c book)

  13. Lottie Saves the Bees by Heather B. Moon (free book)

  14. Lolo and Winkle Go Viral by L.B. Anne (5-day free book sale)

  15. Ayesha Dean: The Istanbul Intrigue by Melati Lum (free book)


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