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  • AutorenbildMarc Remus

A painting of your life- commissioned artwork

Recently, I have been working on a series of paintings that are geared to specific clients who are interested in seeing their life on a canvas. These painting are representing the client's life through buildings, symbols and objects. The imagery only make sense to the client and to those who know the client's life and the stories behind.

To create these kind of paintings I need to sit down with the client and carefully study their life. From all the stories I hear, I create a drawing with the approval of the client.

It is a long process but full for joy for the client and me. The client can reflect on his/her life, and I am challenged to paint new things I have never painted before.

Below you can find two of these paintings. You can see that the top one is someone who has travelled a lot while the other has the house that he lives in in the center.

I take on only a few of these orders a year because they are so time-consuming. So if you are interested in one of them, please reserve a spot early.


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